Envision a world where you wake up, stumble into the kitchen and find some freshly prepared coffee and a lovely breakfast. While you’re sitting down to eat, the radio starts playing the news mixed with some music that you love. Meanwhile your bed is being made for you as is your laundry, cleaning and any other housework. Even your dirty dishes will be taken care of once your done.

If you currently live in this utopia, you should probably marry your partner … or move away from your parent’s … whatever applies.

If not, then you are the kind of person I’m doing research for. My dream is to have domestic robots that can do all those things that we are to lazy to do ourselves, freeing time for more interesting things: creating more useful robots.

I’m currently employed as a PhD student (Doktorand) at Uppsala University, Sweden, where I work in the Uppsala Social Robotics Lab. The project is called “Learning ethically appropriate robot behaviors” and is part of ANIMATAS an EU research project funded by Horizon 2020.

The goal of this work is to develop a new generation of robots that have the ability to reflect upon their actions. They should use machine learning to determine how “good” an action is they want to do.

On this website I am writing about my projects and publications. In the blog I  am posting useful code snippets.


Happy Coding!