I’m currently employed as a PhD student (Doktorand) at Uppsala University, Sweden, where I work in the Uppsala Social Robotics Lab. The project is called “Learning ethically appropriate robot behaviors” and is part of ANIMATAS an EU research project funded by Horizon 2020. The goal is to see how we can use machine learning to give robots the ability to better convey their intentions.

I am also maintaining the open-source library imageio. It is the recommended way to read and write images in python when dealing with the scipy ecosystem (numpy, scipy, scikit-image, etc.). When there are cool features that go beyond mere documentation, I will share them here.

The main purpose of this blog is to help me document how I solved problems (mainly programming related) that I encountered during the various projects I am doing. The reason for this is (1) I will forget, and if I ever encounter the problem again, I have written down what to do and can save time, and (2) other people might have the same problem as me, and if they find this blog post it might be useful for them, too.

Happy Coding!